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“I have learnt so much about how I can naturally lower my blood pressure by reading the engaging articles in the Heart Hub. I didn’t realise how much of an impact salt had! Some of them are even written by Heart Foundation so I know I can trust it.”

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“After using My Blood Pressure, I feel like I properly understand what my blood pressure means and how I can try and lower it. Plus, my family love it when I cook the recipes, I can’t believe they’re actually healthy.”

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“It’s made managing my blood pressure so much easier! Before I would constantly forget where I’d written my previous blood pressure readings, but My Blood Pressure saves them and lets me send the readings in a easy to create report to my doctor.”

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Our questionnaire helps us help you with personalised advice and tips everytime you check in to save a measurement.

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As well as a place to track your blood pressure measurements, My Blood Pressure gives you personalised advice, recipes, training tips and more to help you have a healthy heart.

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